Côte d'Ivoire, developing country which intends to rise at the rank of industrialized countries, has many assets enabling him to carry out its industrial and economic development.

These assets agricultural, as well as mining and structure, added to the enormous investment opportunities which exist in a legal and institutional environment favorable to businesses, make Côte d'Ivoire a real gravitational pole for investments in Africa.

This Country offers several business and investment opportunities in terms of:
  • Industrial transformation of its principal cultures of revenue (cocoa where Cote d’Ivoire stands as first worldwide producer, coffee, fruits and vegetables, cotton, rubber, palm tree, etc);
  • Exploitation and transformation of the mining and energy products.
Moreover, investment opportunities exist in areas such as assembly line industries, maintenance and repair of agricultural equipments and tools, as well as many other goods, manufacture of machines and electronic components , agricultural chemistry (fertilizers).

Lastly, should it be pointed out, with the return to a normalization of the socio-politico life, public and/or private sites will be opening for being constructed, thus offering important business opportunities to realize.

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